Saturday, 18 August 2007

My Little Sister

I decided to make a layout for my little sister as requested. She sent me offline this morning and asked if I could scrap her pictures with friends. She is our youngest who is already 16 yrs old turning 17 on October. Hubby can't believe how grown up she is now. Hubby remember her as a little 10 yrs old girl who is shy to wear a rebelling clothes. She only wears sensible little girl's dresses and refuse to wear pants and jeans even. But look at her now? Gracious me! She is a little bit taller than me, she stands 5'5 (the tallest among the sisters), lol. Perhaps a youngest always grows taller than her elder sisters, hehehehe. She is now at university taking up HRM( Hotel Restaurant Management ) just like her big sister course (me)(wink). Anyway, I hope she would like my layout though because I just spent 15 minutes doing this. Scrapping is sure time consuming.

Credits: Paper and Alpha's by Erika Hernandez, Negative Film Cluster by KQ. Thanks for this awesome kits guys.....


Shabem said...

Isn't it fun to scrap those photos. Adorable subjects there too. Love it Haze!

Daf said...

very nice layout haze!! ka sweet jud ni ate oy as always.. musta? beautiful jud kaayo imong young sis.
liwat jud sa ate!!
agi agi lang ko here haze! ingat and God bless
thanks for the love and thoughts that u leave in our blog. also the photo comments in my friendster. thank u!!!
i love yah!! muaaah