Sunday, 12 August 2007

My B-box Just Arrived/ Little Sis is Back

Yesterday I rang my dad's mobile to check if my little sis arrived from Singapore. My family told me that she's gonna arrive 11th of August. And yes she did. I spoke to her yesterday and asked her how she doing and how's life in Singapore? She sounds very jolly and thats a good sign, lol. She is working in Singapore as a Lead Vocalist of a live band. But she said not at all easy to live and work abroad. I was like, you tell me about it! Yes at least she realised that abroad is not fun and exciting especially you are there to work. She also added that after the live band, they have work exta as well like washing dishes in a restaurant next door to where they work and its pretty much s***h***. But sacrifice lead success, hopefully. But I am very happy for her and hope that she will realised that money ain't easy to find. But she will be back to Singapore by September 14 regardless the hardship and homesickness.

Anyhow another thing that makes me happy is my balikbayan box. They have received it already. Wow! Its exactly 8 weeks. Im happy because it did arrived just in time before my little brother's wife to diliver their first baby. And I send all my son's stuff to them, and many more. Im sure they will be all happy what I've sent through especially my siblings as they were lots for them there. Like clothes, shoes, handbags and etc. Im going to order a new balikbayan box by next week for my christmas package to them (my family). This time I'm gonna order 2 Jumbo one for I have 5 months to fill it up. That sure make me busy more. Im gonna be shopping in every sale in town, lols.

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