Saturday, 1 September 2007

Messed up Sleeping Routines

Since I had a little good 4 nights of sleep now and recovered from nights that I haven't had enough sleep. Here I am now back to my blogging world forgeting that time flies, its now already quarter to 1 in the morning. Is it mean that I am back to the real time of my sleeping routine? Gosh I feel a lot better whenever I slept at least 8 hours or even more a night. My mood is so much better than sleeping late. I had so much energy and I should continue sleeping early and stop this late hours blogging. But I cannot help since we are at least 7 hours ahead here from most of the US states. It means that campaign, task, opps are later than my usual time here. Huh? It ain't good though because my sleeping routine is now messed up.


jennyr said...

blogging can really mess up your sleeping routine if you have so many to maintain,hehehe! gosh! i bet u are earning big bucks! seryoso na talaga business natin ah...goodluck with all ur blogs haze!

Shabem said...

It pays off man pod Haze sa bilar kay naa man big bucks at the end of the month hehehe.... It feels good gyud bitaw ug maka sleep at least 8 hours.
Na hala take you time and get some rest.