Monday, 13 August 2007

Meteors / Shooting Stars

It was a big news yesterday that last night will have some meteors. The reason why me and hubby didn't sleep until 3 am to be able to see this beautifl sky event. The kids were fast asleep and we sneak outside for an hour or so just to witnessed the meteors. And to my surprised it was in fact true. Me and hubby have seen lots of them and it was really cool. For the first time that I've seen more than 1 meteors in a night, I mean I've seen 7 meteors in all. That was so amazing. If only I was able to take a photo but unfortunately my camera was not in the right setting. I tried to taking few but all it came out was a block dark and nothing I can see at all. It was awesome looking up in the sky with millions of stars while meteors were busy relocating and it was indeed the most beautiful night ever. Me and hubby did end up lying don the ground just to see the meteors clearly. I was so amazed to see such. Wonderful experience, I thanks to the new forecast for informing the people and also to my hubby who always spend his time reading news of the world.

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