Monday, 13 August 2007

Medical Card Scanner

From its name it does explain all. The Medical Card Scanner is an easy-to-use scanning system that automates and speeds up the process of transferring images from medical cards into electronic forms. It increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process. The Medical Card Scanner quickly and accurately captures the image of medical insurance cards from both sides of the card. The captured image can be attached to the patient's electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to any other application, emailed, and sent to an FTP or web address. It is very easy to used and less paper works, less sweats.

It is design to make the processing quicker. It can transfer files and images fast and easy, too. Using is easy, just insert the card into the scanner and watch how the medic scan does all the rest in just a matter of seconds. Sotfwares features a user-friendly
functions are made available on the main screen. Simply slide the card into the scanner and features like card auto-detection, automatic file saving and auto-printing will assist the user in doing the rest.
Flexibility to export up to seven different image formats into the user’s patient management software offers choices of how a user can scan and save images. For example, a user scanning a two-sided insurance card can actually combine the two scanned sides into one single image, making it easier to both store and maintain the image. Its that awesome. It would make life a lot easier, I bet.

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