Friday, 10 August 2007

Just Thoofing Along

Anyone knows what is thoof? I didn't have any idea at first what this word means. I even asked hubby what could this stands for, but he just replied "No Idea". Ooooh well through my curiousness I didn't stop until I find out. So "THOOF" is a website, an excellent website where you can get and even contribute your own personalized news. Whats more is you can also view photos and videos, not just news on its own. You can get a membership for free and once your a member thoof will tracks your interest and make effort to provide you whats interest you most.

Simplicity is what makes thoof website unique and interesting. I love it myself so I'd sign up to get my personalised news everyday. They even provide a drag and drop bookmarking, you know, which makes the site more fun and exciting. Not to mention the thoofrank that shows how your story ranks numerically compared to other stories. The great advantage of this site is you can get and increased you traffic rank. Thoof it is a browser add on that lets you submit to Thoof any story you find interesting while surfing the net.

Thoof is a social networking website that encourages users to interact and perhaps exhange new ideas and news and stories. Ultimately, great stories and content rules because people can hide or remove stories that don’t interest them. Thoof also provides a way to easily share stories by sending them to your friends through email. Its that cool.

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