Saturday, 11 August 2007

Just Got Home

Its already 11:14 in the night here, quite late I should thought and we just got back from our dinner. We had another barbecue day in my mother in-laws and it was really fun especially the weather did hang on till late. We decided to go home as the time flew and hadn't realise its that late. The 3 kids (Kath, Christian and Oliver) really had a great time running around. And so did I.

But before the barbecue time was planned, the whole lot went to the beach apart from me, hubby and christian. They came picked up Kathleen this morning around 11 on the way to the beach. The 3 of us stayed because we had another 2 viewing and can't leave hubby on his own to do the tiding-up so I'd chooose to stay. Hubby told me that I can go with the kids but I refused because he look knackered enough to do the cleaning. So we opted to come and join after the beach time and do some barbecue for the dinner. So we did.

And here we are now so full and feeling bloated. I can hardly breath, I decided I ate too much tonight, lols. But it doesn't stop me having some snack, I mean right now I having some chocolate. Can you believe it? Hmmmmmm....white chocolate are just the best. Yummy!

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