Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Just Another Ordinary Day

Good morning world! Here I am just woke up and it is already 12 noon, not an early riser after all. Anyway I had a good 12 hours sleep, can you believe that? I am catching up some up of my sleepless nights. I feel good today. And I though I just do a quick update and say good morning to all my friends, visitors, readers and family. Its pouring here at our end, rain hasn't quite gone yet as I expect but I hope it will clear up later today because me and my sister in-law plan to go out malling and taking the kids with us. She is here for the whole month of August for her summer holiday. She is working as a journalist in Brussels. But looking the day with heavy rain I guess we're better off inside the house, lol. But will see if it will get brighter later.

Ok, I have to go and make breakfast for myself as everyone seems to have their breakfast already. Hubby did let me sleep til mid day. I wish everyone a good tuesday and take care all. Drive safe!

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