Sunday, 19 August 2007

I've Finally Done my Chores

Ewwww! Im so worn out today after ironing bags of laundry. I'm pretty much shattered now and could do sleep at anytime. But I have to stay awake as we have to go for dinner with my in-law. They invited us to come over for a sort of early dinner. I just thought how much I hate ironing clothes. Hubby told me I dont need to do that and I could just folded it directly and chuck them into cupboard. But hey, Im not that damak gyud, hehehe. I love to see at my kids so well-look after and look so neat and tidy. It is worth it anyway after hearing some compliments from people here that my kids are well-dressed and the most clean kids they ever have see. Ins't it a nice thing to hear? To the extent my in-laws as well, they says the same thing. So not at all bad although it takes a lot of hardwork and time to iron. So today I am quite proud of myself that I've done my ironing.

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