Monday, 13 August 2007

Island Dreaming

How I wish I can go a place like Bermuda. If only I got my british passport if would have been easier. I am dreaming to feel that luxurios paradise looking beach. Isn't it beautiful? Ooooh I could stay up weeks and weeks for sure. Bermuda is one great tourist destination in the whole wide world. Because of its tropical climate, food and events. Aside from the beach you can also enjoy some other entertainment that bermuda has to offer like golf, tennis, fishing, diving, site seeing and other alluring attractions. This is what exactly I am dreaming till this day. But I hope that soon I am able to fulfill this dream. Few more years I will start travelling.

When that time comes bermuda would be my first destination. I cannot think of any better beaches. Imagine it is known for its pink sand beaches. How cool would that be. And ooooh If I have to choose a hotel it would be one of the 5 star, too. Holiday only happens once and I should make the most of it and take advantage of the great opportunities to enjoy and relax. Its the time to indulge ourselves therefore a good accomodation would be appropriate. So lets have a look of what hotel could it be, lets visit their bermuda accomodtions and see what they can offer us. After that how do we get to bermuda if it is our first trip over? Shall we discover and see through bermuda guide info ? I think we should or else we will get lost and it will be a shame. All we want is bermuda and nothing else so lets find our way.

So, will I see you guys there?

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