Friday, 17 August 2007

I'm in Doubt of Signing Another Contract

Today I was inform by my manager that my temporary employment is soon gonna end. And they are happy and proud to offer me a full time job same title. But I told them that I have to talk to my hubby first as Im not that ready to work full time because of my poor kids. i dont wanna leave them for days to a babysitter. Oooh No! I am happy working 2 days a week, thats enough for me. But I am also flattered that I'm being offered a full time job. It means that I am good enough to keep, lol. They like my service. It such a nice compliment. As much as I love to work full time so I could earn more and have more extra's as well. Huh! But I wouldn't swap my kids for money. The right time will come for me. But let see I might change my mind though. It depends when we're going to move house, because my new contract requires 6 months and for that period of time I could not resign. So I have to leave it open.

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