Friday, 3 August 2007

If my Parents would have a blog

Got this tag from sweet darlene thanks gorgeous...

Here's my share;

If my Papa would have a blog, he definitely write about electronics. I've observed how electronics fascinates him. Like the vehicle parts, appliances and others stuff that involves electrical. He pretty much knows about electronical product. When there is a show about electronics he would never missed it. I bought him a jeepney and my next project would be to buy him all the electrical supplies and gadgets to keep him going.

My Mama would blog about entrepreneurs and cooking. If she have a chance she can be a good entrepreneurs and also she is a good cook, good food and variety of recipe's is what her passion. She love cooking, and even sale some delicacies, so here comes the entrepreneur. I remembered when I was still in high school I used to sell different food which made by my very own Mama. So her blog would be all about food and entrepreneur.

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