Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Out Like a light

I had fell asleep so early and just got up to get a drink and a little check on my PC to see what opps I'm missing out. Oooh well loads of it but its alright its nice to have a little break. I have still few task to do anyway and havent got a time so maybe tomorrow. I have to go back to sleep now or else hubby would band me from my PC for not sleeping that much lol. Im glad I had an early snooze tonight. It help to make me feeling better. So ciao for now and thanks to those who left me tag and comments. I truly appreciate it guys and to Angie...Happy Anniversary to you and to your Husband!


Casey's Mom said...

Thanks haze!

Lolli said...

halo dame,
happy anniversary diay kang angie.
Psensya karon lang naka tunga sa imong bloggie, shalan gi tapols ma ko rong panahuna uy. LOL

unya nako mosoroy sa bisdakplanet, ako na sad siguro ang kinaiwetan didto ako jud ang mag lukdo ani sa rayna hehhehe
unya nako mo tuslok didto kay yak-an ko to matuog sa ko ug balik kay sayo pa hehhehe

haze said...

hehehehehe your welcome Gie.

thanks dame lolli