Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I call it my Daughter's Day

Me, my sister in-law and the kids went shopping the whole afternoon. Hubby was kind enough to dropped us off to the mall and even stay and joined for lunch before he head back home to finish up his work. Loads of temptation as always and almost bought a another tops and swimwear for me. But because I shop, look and compare so I decided not to buy it yet and just stroll for more store until we end up to Adams and pick all of my daighters school supplies, uniforms, shoes and accessories. And of course Auntie Amanda (hubby's little sis) did not resist the tempation and bought kath tons of tops and skirt also dora's water bottle. What a nice Auntie! So ended up shopping for my daughter instead. Nothing for me, nothing for christian and none for Amanda. Kath got it all. It's all hers and I should just say its her day. Shopping with little girl is simply irresistable, lol. Poor christian and lucky Kath!

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