Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hubby's Sort of Joke

We were having our dinner which hubby's prepared for us. He just arrived today from his trip to Amsterdam and got us all a little presents. He then decided to cook for our dinner and while we sat down and eat I ask hubby if he could get me some garlic mayonaise and lots of other extra stuff and so my kids, lol. Then hubby said afterwards that why he always do the serving and he never gets serve at all? I laugh and answered him that he will be served in time when he is old and dribbly, hahahaha. He laugh and said yes I was actually thinking of that too. We all had a laugh and then he said I dont think you will anyway, if I know you will hire some people to look after me while you will continue having fun outing. I just laugh instead. Hubby is such a sweet man and no doubt that we will live together till our last breath.


Casey's Mom said...

Sweet..joker pod.hahaha. bitaw uy serve your hubby

Darlene said...

Hahahaha that's a nice quality time with your family dae Haze.Akong bana dili man sad nako sya serve kanunay kung kanang exhausted lang sya mao pa na sya musugot akong silbihan but always gyud sya lang mag prepare iyang food but i cook the food of course kuha lang sya kung maluto na hehehe