Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Got a Parking Ticket

This morning got a parking ticket through the post. We were shockec about it and were fine £125 british sterling about $200 bucks or more. We couldn't believe it. What for? For over an hour parking at MCdonalds drive thru last weekend. Hubby is so furious and will right a complaint ticket in regard about should it be our fault when MCdonald service took so long to served customers. Were queuing there for 30 minutes or so just to order and now they'll fine us for parking more than an hour? What the heck? Its not fair. Its outrageous, after spending money to their business we'll get a £125 parking ticket? How is that fair? Haller! This is not a joke, 125 pounds is certainly not. They're still trying to sort it out, all I know is hubby is been fine at thats it. Then I read the letter and found out it was the mcdonald parking. So I will see when hubby is back. Mcdonals should think that they will lose more revenues for doing this rediulous parking laws.


babigurl said...

waaaa thats a lot of money, lol.

Shabem said...

Hmmm... that's weird. What the heck! I would be pissed off too. Hope that would be resolved Haze.
Have a great day to you!