Friday, 17 August 2007

The Goodies

These are the goodies I purchased from lilypad designers. The cuteness was enough to tempt me and spent 12 bucks in it, hehehehe. I just want to do some decent layout, I will see if buying kits are the answer if not I would never buy again, lol. I dont want to admit that I'm not good at scrapping lol. So kits are to blame if its still come out ugly. [LAUGH].


Casey's Mom said...

very cute jud.. well see how cute they will come out after assembling them.

Shabem said...

Awesome goodies there Haze! Naa nako ana hehehe... can't get enough of Lilypad! Bantay kay ma addict niya ka.

Agring said...

Gorgeous elements Haze! cmon let see what you can do with these! lol

Thanks for changing the blogger display...hehehehe!