Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Face Behind This Blog

One of my favorite blogging buds (dauphine stiles) has tagged me a new meme called The Face Behind The Blog that I think is a wonderful opportunity for many of us to get to know each other.

But before I started I did browsed through the google to find out who is behind of this meme? And I got there at the end, found and stumble across the person who created this new meme and here is the link The Face Behind this Meme.

So, for my personal contribution… I give you me, away from the keyboard…I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. Im afraid I cannot digg up any of my old pics since its left all rotten, didn't realised that somehow I could used it, lols.

Here I am smiling obviously happy and content, maybe not as I wanted more and more, lols. Don't you?

Yes a proud mother to my 2 adorable angels. Sure no boring time with them. I am indeed blessed. I love playing with my kids and talking with them as much. So they are simply my Joy. They are my bears that filled my heart with happiness.

Aside from being a mummy, I love fashion. I am determine to always look whats new on the market. Also I am ambitious, adventurous and would love to travel around the world in the future. I am not just an ordinary woman. History fascinates me.

I am definitely kind and generous towards others. I can't say NO to all who come and knock on our door asking some help. I am nice and sweet but horrid when provoke. A good listener, a good friend that can lend a shoulder to cry on.

A loving but spoilt wife I know. Faithful and hate cheaters so much. A good sisters, perhaps a little naughty daughter, lols. And wanted to be a fashion designer and model. I am that girl who, for the better part of her life, clung to her mother's side. Reliant and self-doubting by nature. I'm driven towards my ambition in life. I am not a sort of girl who is easy to give up on things. I am a fighter not physically but emotionally and spiritually. I am a non-denomination Christian. Aside from blogging, I have a part time job as a cashier in a supermarket. But hoping to work full time in the future, too.


Shabem said...

Wow this sounds interesting. I might do it one day. The face behind this blog is a hottie!

jennyr said...

wow! so many faces! good one haze! naa pod koy tag para sa imoha(July Roundups!)