Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Download these Games

Are you a computer games freak? Hubby is certainly an addict of his PC games. He buy and download games online. But I dont complain about it as it is his only pleasure. So I must tell him about this site I found just by browsing today. Mac games for instance, I bet hubby will download this directly soon as he see it. Hubby was eyeing this one sometime ago and was trying to purchased when we were down at northmall. But I managed to stop him in case it might gone something wrong again just like what happened the last computer games he purchased. I know his eyes and mind are drooling about this mac games . Maybe if he is good boy I will buy it for him as a thank for being a wonderful husband and father. Yay! I might get him a roled play game, too or a rpg but I want to rest-assured that this things is what he wanted though. Before I throw money around, lols. I am not that certain about these man/boys games.

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