Monday, 6 August 2007

Do you wanna play Starcraft

Have you or have you not played starcraft? I just want to bring you through to this awesome site which featured starcraft games. Visit here at and see when is the latest starcraft game coming out. Yes there is A SC2 coming soon. Many people predict its going to be out late 2008, ooooh hubby can't wait, actually. Is that exciting. I haven't try palying the game but I've learn so far by reading some info's and through hubby. He said its really a great game. I am anxious to try. I sure would love to play starcraft soon as I have time. So I would be able to update soon as the SC2 will come out. At the moment I am here in the fansite reading some comments and learning the games rules. Fansite is cool to read through some guidelines, information and even meeting people who are a big fan of the so-called game. So why not you come and lets play a game, the starcraft!

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