Thursday, 2 August 2007

Do I need to Drive or Not?

Im still confused if I want to have a car here in UK and learn to drive or I'll just live it as is. Hubby said Im better off driving and having my own car because I can go wherever I want without relying on him. I can take the kids into some fancy outdoors and not just the playpark nearby. Its better off with a little bit of change and to be able to to that I required to do driving lessons which I am putting off until now. I am just happy strolling along potter to town whenever I get a chance. My kids love the playpark but maybe my husband is quite right that I should drive. Hmmmm, I need to think about it. Perhaps after we moved or maybe not at all now that we're moving to the location where it is the center of the shopping town. Just a yard away from the area we choose to move and for me there is no need to have a car because I just walk through the town area as it is very accessible just in 5-10 minutes. Whats the point of driving?

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