Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Clearance of a Parking Ticket

As I've said on my previous post hubby got a parking ticket, by post just this morning. It was not good, to start the day, absolutely not. But hubby wouldn't give a s**t when it comes to some rediculous situation like this. So he did write a letter of complaint to the MCdonald management. What had happen was, we went to mcdonalds as family to have a bite to eat since the kids were hungry after a day out. Mcdonald management laws (as if we knows) that the customer should only allowed to park for 45 minutes. Infairness we didn't know until we got the parking ticket that says were being charge because we overparked a £125 pounds which is a lot of money. We parked 16 minutes over because of their slow customer service. And to charge £125 pounds for 16 minutes overtime its just taken a pissed, dont you think? Well the manager said soon as they receive the letter they might do refund us.

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jennyr said...

really? naa diay cla law ingon ana Haze? or nganha lang sa inyo? ako ra ba sobra sa 45mins. mostay sa mcdonalds,hehehe!