Friday, 10 August 2007

The Branding Strength Test

If you would like to compare your brand with others, then take 5 minutes to take DNA Design's own brand assessment test. The questions explore your organisational strengths in creating, communicating, living, measuring, managing and extending your brand. Results will be presented in aggregate form, your responses remain anonymous and confidentiality is assured. How about you try this new brand strength test? I have tried it already and I think it came out pretty much OK. Branding Test is great way fo finding out the strength of your brand. What make it even better is their brank rank meter where you can check the rank of your brand. No worries whether you fail or not, the good thing is you know and you tried.

After you take the test you can see your results and if ever you decided that your brand aint that strong enough you can actually ring their services helpline at 508-238-4347 or email them at for a complimentary one hour personal training session. They will help you pumped oup in no time. Its pretty exciting right? That is why I tried eventhough I haven't got a brand. You can try too. Why not? Everyone can. But it should be for those people who are in business and trying to made-up a brand. So let the brandidentity to identify your brand. To visit click here...

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