Sunday, 19 August 2007

Best Portable Scanner

Hubby were complaining about his scanner last few days and pondering of getting a new one. It is necessary and very useful for his work as it his job is most related to paperworks. Just yesterday he got a new one and decided it was not good enough. So I am browsing as usual and seaching some possible scanner that I could get for hubby. Maybe a christmas gift, hehehehe. And I actually stumble upon a portable scanner which got me so curious and click on the site. I browse and took a tour to the site and read what makes this portable scanner special. And here's the description below;

ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) is:
A lightweight (14oz/390g) portable scanner
A4 sheet-fet scanner
USB 2.0 port connection - No external power needed
High resolution 600 dpi and color
Fully mobile small print document scanner
TWAIN compliant
Bundled with DocShell and Scan2Contacts

Not only that it is also a windows vista compatible. It is superlight that you could carry with you without even noticing the weight. Quality is great too, showing accurate colour representation for images and sharp lettering for text. This is assuming you take enough time to get the best out of the product because, like a four-year-old child with a sugar high, it needs to be kept under constant supervision. Carry it with your laptop and you'll be happy as larry.

Considering the software by itself should cost around $149, but originally it cost £189 but Scan Shell Store has a sale and only offer as low as $149. It is handy, portable, and convenient scanner. It is somewhat has a result that you can be proud of. So what do you think? I definitely stick to this as a christmas present for hubby.

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