Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Becoming a book Lover

My daughter has become a book lover since she was only a year old. I used to read her a story even she was only in my tummy. Then later on she is born a book lover because she just click onto it. She was about 1 yr old and used to bring books in our bedroom and said in a cute way " boo " .

So I always read her a story even its not her bedtime . I read books with her as many times I could. Now she has loads of book collection and even read it to herself by simply following the pictures. She can read but not that quite yet. But she recognized all the letters so it helped her a lot when reading.

She always had her daddy reading her bedtime stories. Now its my son who is turning into becoming a book lover. Since he started to crawl and become mobile his favorite places to play is daddy's bookshelves.

He used to take it all out and daddy on the other will scold him as he collects his book and look after it. Its all hardback first edition and mostly with Author's signature on it. But christian didn't learnt and keep continue playing with the books until now that he is big enough and played his books instead.

Every single minute he kept bringing books to me and let me read it to him. The same as my daughter he says it it a very cute way " boo " . Like brother like sister, hehehe. So his favourite book is "Dora" lol. Sounds a little bit wimpy but hey his only a baby and he don't know yet that Dora is only for girls, lol. But he loves it when I read a book to him or ask him about who's on the picture.

Sometimes I asked him where is Dora or Boots? Or any other character in the book and he always point the right one. Well done to my babies. Reading books or loving books is one good hobbies. I, on the other hand never read books that is why I am not that knowledgeable person. I hope my kids would continue loving books and reading them until their adults.


jennyr said...

nakuh same here haze! i read them a book once in a great while.usually c daddy gyud nila bsan kapuy na kaau kay mohilak man og dli basahan,lol! sa atua wa gyud ni noh?hehehehe!

Casey's Mom said...

that's great! maayo kay they're into books.. that's a smart training. I am not a reader as well -- lazy man ko. LOL.

Darlene said...

My son also getting fascinated with books so i bought him couple of books & he sure loves it!He always brings book to me & he tells me to read it for him.Aren't they cute?Tinuod gyud ingun ni jenny sa atua wala gyud ni but kids here are more into books.Well good for them though books are one way to learn more things for them.

claire said...

count me in.. i mean, count my son in.. hehehe.. everytime we go to sleep, he always holds his fairytale book and pretends reading the stories there.. sometimes, when he's a little tired, he's gonna give the book to me and ask me to read for him.. our kids will surely be bookworms when they grow up :)

haze said...

Yes it's definitely good habbit to be addicted because books its good way to educate themself. I haven't got that habbit of course hehehe.