Friday, 31 August 2007

Back From Holiday

Sorry guys I was not able to put my blog to HIATUS after of 5 days out of town for our short and quick holiday to Devon (Southwest of England). I was up late the night before our trip and didn't had a chance to write a little bit of note just to inform that I can't update my blog for few days or so because I am going away. I bought my laptop after begging hubby and when I got there I realised there was no wireless connection within the area where we stayed. So it was all useless after all. But it was all worth it and I had a great time while touring few towns at the same time the priviledge of being a wife of an ex-naval officer. Hubby as promised showed me the town where he took his college and was trained to be a Royal Navy back 23 yrs ago. It was a beautiful town called Dartmouth and I had the chance to see the helicopter show and also the Red Arrows display though it was from the distanced. We all had a warm (though its a little bit chilly) promising sunny days all week. It was a very good holiday indeed. Just go back tonight 3 hours ago.

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Shabem said...

Sounds like an interesting trip. No wonder I did'nt see your shadow hehehe for awhile.
Take a rest for now!