Saturday, 18 August 2007

Awww...there is more Oppps!

I left my PPP window open just to see some possible choices if I hadn't grab the earlier one. And guess what there is even higher opps keep coming on and too bad because I've reach my max PPP opps for today. So I guess thats for anyone who haven't had a a chance to grab some opps for today.

Anyway, its late in the night here and I'm still wide awake and even snacking, lol. I had my chinese left over from our dinner and I was thinking its a waste if I should just throw it away. I hate throwing food that is still OK to eat. I'll always think of the people who haven't got any food at all. So instead of wasting it I'll just use it for my midnight snack. I know its pretty awful to eat at midnight, its the worst time to eat as you dont move very much so no chance to digest the in-takes. But I dont mind at all, I feel hungry enough and I should eat whenever I feel to. I am still nursing my son so no surprise to me that I get hungry in such funny hours. I feel the urge to eat so therefore I should eat, hehehehe.

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Casey's Mom said...

Waahh..we just had chinese..wala na jud ko luto-luto kay tapulan..cge nalang tawn palit akong bana ug niluto daan. hehehe.. kaon jud haze kay wala ra ba imong mama diha. lisod mapasmo. have a great weekend pod!