Monday, 6 August 2007

10 Facts about my Mum

Got this tag from Sweet Darlene and sorry Darl's it took long to write this tag, I just got the time.

*Funny with a great sense of humour.
*The Best Mother in the whole wide world (I miss her so much)
*Best cook and love good foods, not a big fan of sardines.
*Have 11 children and 18 grandchildren.
*The most wonderful and loving Lola(grandmother).
*Kind and generous
*Have a temper
*My mum is one of the 13 children.
*Have once lived in Butuan City.
*Married to my Dad at the very young age of 16.


Ladynred said...

Kutee kaau mong duha sexy kaau ka! Your Mom is pretty like you...

Darlene said...

Salamat sa pagdawat sa akong tagay Haze pasensya na pod karon rako nakabalik sa imong palasyo.Liwat man diay kas imong mama gwapa hehehe.

Casey's Mom said...

uy..liwat sa mama uy.. mingaw nuon ko sa ako mama dah!

jennyr said...

mom's cooking is simply the best! sweet scraps Haze!

Merydith said...

Haze naa ha ni sign up jud ko para ka leave ug message :). I always love all the mamas especially now that I am a mama myself. I am getting to post about my mama too.

Anyways, I got wrong sa akong blog. The picture I posted kay sa iyang younger bro diay to kay one year ra man ilang gintang gud mao na malibog ko usahay. Kay I saw Ryan's pictures when he was a baby kay di man jud siya tambok. Karon ra gani na nilingin hahaha. Mao to di diay to siya. I posted another one. Anyways, take care diha and kisses to your little angels.

By the way, I am not sure if I read that one enty it's in . I was inspired to write it after reading your entry na na wiped out imong bank account kay padala sa Pilipinas. A little tribute ra gud. Take Care !!!