Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Wimbledon Men's Champion 2007

Roger Federer retained his crown as king of Wimbledon, beating young Spanish prince Rafael Nadal to secure his fifth consecutive title, matching the legendary reign of the watching Bjorn Borg, the king of this court in a previous era. I watched the final on Sunday and it was a breathtaking moments. I even reacted to federers errors,lols. I like Rafael Nadal as well, but he is still young enough and still have many years to come. I want Federer to win the French and Wimbledon at the same year and hopefully he could do it next year.

Anyhow, Nadal were at his best. He really well played the tournament, he is seeded number 2 in the world. He still has years to come and I believe that he's gonna be next to break Bjorn Borg as well after Federer. As young as 21 still plenty of time. I'm just glad to see Federer won 5 times in a row and the first one who equal Bjorn Borg during his time era. Federer is just the best in the world.

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