Tuesday, 3 July 2007

How would you React?

If your told that there is no longer a summer days. That's what I heard from hubby tonight. Through weather forecast it is unlikely to get summer this year. How bizzare is that? I thought there is 4 seasons in a year. But what's going on? This is the only time of year I look forward to. And eventually I got none of this warm days I long to have? I am begging for a sunny days. Are we being punished by the mother nature? Why can't we enjoy the sun too? According to forecast April was our warmest month of this year. It means our summer is over. That was all it. Couple sunny weeks on April and that days are gone. Its been pretty wet and cold for the past couple of months. All I get after being too excited about summer is nothing basically. I am so disappointed. I better off in Philippines, I think. Weather just gone so crazy.

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