Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Wazz up! Wazz up!

Yeah, after my few nights away from keyboard, still find it very relaxing. My blogging mood is not really back yet. There were tons of opps and just diliberately blown it out. Just setting here doing nothing, browsing and not really thinking enough of what to write. Perhaps my rest was not enough, lol. Anyway I still feel sick and appetite is gently emerging. I am annoyed of our weather still, though. We dont have that much summer. I was out shopping today as a bragger I would like to share this out here. I didn't resist the temptation of buying some swimwear hoping that August will get warmer at least. I had enough enough of this crap weather actually. So please let me have the chance to show off my curves so I can have something to brag here in my blog next or else I will not entertain this envious person. [LAUGH] There is no much entertainment, yeah? Well avid readers of mine, I expect some bad comments again. I will be here waitin', OK?

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