Thursday, 26 July 2007

Want to Test your PC Speed?

I am such a curious woman and wouldn't leave any thing unsolved. There are times my PC connection is pretty slow and I get pissed about it. But it is an on and off, sometimes it is faster and sometimes its slower. I just ignored it for few days but it happens again and again. It is very annoying you know. However I found a great solution on my least problem. An internet speed testing, basically I can test up my internet speed and the result can be seen within a seconds. I didn't hesitate to try on testing this free internet speed test.

And here is the result:

Download Speed: 1158 kbps (144.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 360 kbps (45 KB/sec transfer rate)

Computing is actually fun as well as productive and whenever possible it should be both. This internet speed test has lots to offer like you can repair or tailor your computer to suit your needs and come away with a sense of satisfaction from the endeavor itself. But you must take a note of this, before you do these tweaks, you should do a complete backup to make sure you won't lose anything just in case. I feel a lot secure now that I know I can do any internet speed test at anytime.

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