Thursday, 26 July 2007


One great advantage of filipino fiesta is getting food that I cannot get over here. Fish for example and many other filipino goodies like phillippine mango, jellyace, dried fish and etc. I always get excited of the event, not very different fiesta in my hometown that I used to. Whenever the event is approaching. As as filipino, only one reason of my attendance. And you know what it is, don't you? Its because of the food. Last few weeks we went to fiesta twice and I was taking advantage of the opportunity and stuffed my face until I exploded. All I did was set on the ground all day chi-chatting with few friends and eat. While hubby were strolling around looking something especial for me. Sweet! Yes, he came back with my tuna (adobo flavour) and a box of mango and few other goodies. Sweetcorn is one of them and I though it wont taste as nice as I used to eat in Cebu. But I was proven wrong and it was very tasty that I couldn't get enough. Now I start craving for it again, lols.

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Casey's Mom said...

kalami ba sa sa sinugbang mais uy. i miss that. since I came here wa jud ko katilaw sinugbang mais. mo uli na jud ko sa pinas ani.. lol!