Friday, 20 July 2007

The reason of Separation, Could this be True?

Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make crazy.

This could be the underlying theme of two reality shows, pitting members of prominent families against each other—complete with intrigues, suspense, pathos, falling in love, and failing out of love—with an international backdrop, that have regaled Filipino audiences for a while.

There have been so many dramatic twists in the plot—some bizarre, some incredulous—that made every episode intriguing. And yes, funny!

Lets zoom in on the first reality show: Bektas vs. Bektas. First it was first reported as just a simple family problem. Because of the distance and culture shock (Turkish millionaire Yilmaz Bektas, the husband, is a Muslim and lives in Istanbul while the wife, TV host Ruffa Gutierrez, is a Christian and lives in Manila), the two have decided to go on trial separation.

On several TV interviews, Ruffa, for a while, refused to tell why she was seeking a divorce. Was she a battered wife? Did Yilmaz hurt her? Were there irreconcilable differences? Yilmaz called her a “good actress.” She simply closed her eyes to keep the tears from falling. Then softly, she mumbled that she loves her husband very much.

But since then, there were several twists. Granting TV interviews from his mansion in Istanbul (ABS-CBN sent its Europe Bureau chief, Danny Buenafe, to Istanbul), Bektas charged that it was his mother-in-law, Annabelle Rama, who had wanted him and Ruffa to split. In another interview, this time with GMA 7, Bektas said there was really no need for divorce, because Ruffa was married to a certain Richard Daloia in Las Vegas in 1999 and that their subsequent grand wedding in Manila in 2003 was null and void from the beginning.

After that, Ruffa dropped a bombshell. She admitted that Bektas abused and tortured her, beating and kicking her at worst for 15 hours. “He would do everything to me. He cut my hair. He kicked me. He locked me up in a cabinet,” Ruffa narrated.

Asked why her husband would do that to her, she replied: “Wala. Sira ulo lang siya. [Nothing. He is just crazy].”

Now the Ruffa-Yilmaz drama has subsided a little but new complications could develop as the threat of Yilmaz to harm her and kidnap their two daughters remains. In another ABS-CBTV interview, Yilmaz, in broken English, has warned Ruffa not to use their two children in her TV appearances, adding that something could happen to her if she insists on doing it. Ruffa, who has resumed her TV and movie career, is now being provided with police escorts.

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