Saturday, 7 July 2007

Party after Party

Who's not a party lover? Aren't we all? I am! One thing I love about party is I am able to buy a new dress. I mean dress, a party dress. When I go party, its sure its a party bash where everyone dress one and have fun. I love to dress up and so my kids . And I bet everyone does as well. Last Saturday I attend the 40th b-day party of hubby's sister in-law.

It was about 90 person invited and for me it was a huge party and for no doubt it must cost them more or less $20,000 USD. I was embarrassed, you know. Imagine all the visitors were considered as britain's top earners, they'll all probably worth few million pounds each whilst me and hubby are the only ultimate. But I was alright knowing that they dont really care. They treat us nicely and even talk to one of Harry Potter Animated Producer. I was like "what"? Is he really? Wow! You just never know that your standing right in front of the big people. Do you know what I mean?

First I thought he was a gardener because he doesnt look like a rich guy at all. I see the difference with people who haven't got much money and trying to be posh or to be rich and people who have money and dress so simply to disguise that they are not rich. Hubby's brother is working in EMI music production.

Anyhow, we only stayed up for 2 hours and went home because of the kids. time I make sure we stay longer than 2 hours. [Lols]. Can't get enough of the party.

I will post the pics next time...its very late here and I am running out of time. Alright?

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jennyr said...

pretty cool! i've never been to a party like that, must be exciting!