Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Painless Ways to Trim Spending

Managing your finances is never easy. Cutting cost is priority for many families. I know for a fact how many people in America's struggles on a daily basis to live within their means. It's getting tougher to pay the bills on time because their wont be much left after the creditors and bills get their shares but never fret; there's a solution. There are a lot of ways to put another dollar in your pocket here and there. Here's what you need to do: The following suggestions can help you if you will practice them.

*Make a budget

*Prioritize your “wants.” - when you shop, make sure you make a list of the basic needs you wanna buy and control yourself of the temptation of others unnecessary things.

*Consider lower-cost options for your “needs.”

*Avoid Credit if you can, because it can cause more financial trouble at times.

*Consolidate your debt - you must know what you owe and make a schedule of paying it every payday you get.

*Start saving - even a dollars every week you put away as a savings would help.

*Be honest with yourself - dont buy things just for the sake of buying. I, myself is not a good example as I have always spent every single penny I have in my wallet. But since I started to earn I understand the value of money and now I am trying of controlling my spendings.

*Start a Spending Diary - make a diary or jot down stuff that you bought and spent it with just to keep track of your outgoing and for you to know whether you stick to your budget.

*Carry cash. Instead of a debit (or worse, credit) card, get your allotted spending money for the month in cash. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

*Treat yourself - when you know your being a good of budgetting, lols.

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