Saturday, 28 July 2007

Ooooh....can't guess who?

I had a chat with Angie when she reminds me that I could actually trace that monster who commented on my previous post (as you can all see there is 4 comments but one has been deleted) right? There is a reason for that, it was a bad comments from the girl who are nothing but a nasty piece of s**t. There is actually someone who's been secretly felt jealous and insecure towards me, no idea why? As far as I am concern blogging is somewhat an online diary where you can write anything you want to. However for someone as idiot as this person, she dont understand what blog is all about. Perhaps a bad seed is always a bad seed (no breeding).

Not to offend my friends from texas though but unfortunately this person is from there according to my site meter. I did traced up but only the Location, IP address and her Internet service showed up, as she disabled most of it. Clearly she ain't that clever. Just being a coward. I been receiving anonymous comments from someone who is devious. I bet it is the same person, way back 2 yrs ago. Sometimes she even hide from the identity of "Grace". But prefer to be mysterious.

Here's what she got to say btw;

Mahangin ba sa labas? Ingon ani diay ni dri mag pa sibantugay, or i mean not all but i have been noticed your blog here...sounds like more on bragging!!!

It means she is an avid reader of mine and can't stand that I am happy in every little thing I have and I proud to write it down here in my online diary. To share with friends and family. If you don't like my post then you should just back off?

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