Tuesday, 3 July 2007

None of them been Divorce

Keeping marriage depends on both sides of relationship, to work out the negative and the positive all together at times. Handling the right thing not to lose the marriage factor which is "LOVE" . I dont really believe in divorce but if it means the only way to get out the hell situation or if the feelings are no more than just friends then divorce is better option. For me marriage is forever. But then my in-laws were divorce, perhaps that taught their kids a lesson not to get married unless they're sure it will last for life.

This is where I took the pictures shown above, from my in-laws house. He had it all display in his living room.

Here are the pictures of the 10 grandchildren. The eldest have 3 kids, The second have 3, The third one have 2 and Simon have 2 as well. Their is also a family pic but only the 2 family is able to sent. My father in-law loves photography as well and had it kept all in his albums for keepsake. That is why in his house all you can see is different photographs of his children and grandchildren, not to mention his daughters in-laws,too. Which I think is nice.

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