Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My Amiga's

It so much fun to have a real friends around. These are my few chosen friend I have and I have them for years and years now especially Ana. I am her son's godmother so it just means she trusted me as a second mother to her child and vice versa. Abygail has been my friend for months and I chosed her because she is humble not not bragger like me, lols. The humblest person I have met. Although I have met tons of pinay out here but I am not interested to be friend or hang out with them. I better have few but true than loads but all unreal.

Back home I have many and the funniest people I hang out with. I so much missed them and looking forward of my visit there again. Yes a true friend is hard to find and I do believed it so. That is why I am always careful in choosing one to be part of my life. As the saying goes " A friend to anyone is a friend to no one". Indeed!

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