Friday, 20 July 2007

Meet Imelda

Got you? I know you think of other Imelda, didn't you? Be honest! Really is not Imelda Marcos but Imelda, the co-filipina who works in hubby's brother as all-around maid. But to be honest they paid her well (about $3000 USD per month). She haa already invested her money to Philippines in her home town (Bicol). She maybe a nanny here and a maid but back in Philippines she is the Boss. How typical! She own acres of lands and at least 4 house and lot (which some of it she rented out). But as she told me she has been working abroad for 28b years (11 yrs in hubby's brothers family). You can't really believe, can you? But despite of her philippine wealth, she remained humble and very friendly.

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Casey's Mom said...

nice to meet her..thanks for the inspiring introduction of Imelda, Haze. lol!