Saturday, 14 July 2007

Manage your Leads, a CRM and More

My Husband uses CRM with his work and says no business should even think of running without one, it makes managing sales and business intelligence so much more efficient and effective. Aimpromote have a great CRM package, go look at their website. Aimpromote is lead management with all the extra bells and whistles you could ever need, it allows you to sell leads as well as manage them, whats more you can sell them as many times as you like and you can set it up to sell them automatically, it is really worth a look on.Sure they have many satisfied customer, maybe you can be one too?

They are even offering some free 14 day trials on some of their softwares so you can try it out without risk, also take a look at how their pricing stacks up to the competition, they are excellent value for money, which in this business means more margin for you, so whats stopping you? You should go and see at

Aimpromote CRM allows you to manage accouting and run a whole heap of reports, if your company does lead management or lead aggregation go take a look at aimpromote now it may just be the right tool for you. Think best for your business to rise. Aimpromote is answer!

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