Saturday, 14 July 2007

Lets Talk About It

How much do you love big brothers show? I have been watching it since I got here in England, is everywhere I know and its different. Hubby can't abide some stupid tart who just want to claim one minute fame in national television. Hang on a minute, what about the coming Harry Potter and The order of the Phoenix? Whew! Its coming pretty soon, isn't it? Yes and I'm too excited but I've a some about it. Would you like to read and know? Then you should go visit the movie discussions where there is list of movies ans show rants, objective and opinions written. It's such an informative site and fun to read. Do you know by sharing your thoughts and ideas about your favourite films and shows you could have a chance to win DVD's? Just simply share your thoughts and your honest opinion. It sure harmless to be open of what you really think. Freedom of speech, I should say. Why not? I have tons of films I hate and loads of movies I love. So come with me and lets talk about it.

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