Monday, 16 July 2007

Last Weekend Rundown

Last week were my Father in-laws big birthday bash (70th b-day). He's nearly a century old now (30 years more to come). There is a tendency he might reach that age because he is in great form and have maintain to eat healthily. Plus he barely get stress at all. Maybe on how to spend his money would be the only thing will stress him out. He is loaded (much money) but tight fisted that would barely spend money for himself even, he cannot think what to spend it with. He just need to share it with me as I am an extravagant and spendaholic. [LAUGH]

Anyway, the party went find. Everyone had a blast. I, myself really enjoyed and had a good time minggling with guest. Plus I got to met hubby's family friends which is great. As usual I was the only filipina there. Actually there is one but she did not come there to party but help served the food (waitress). I wonder, why in all hubby's family's he is the unlucky one, whom married the ultimate filipina whereas the rest of his family have each filipina helper/maid. Isn't it bizzare? Its such a disgrace to think. Is that how I look down myself. Shouldn't I be proud? I have always asked hubby if he is not embarrassed of his family by having a filipina wife.

But look at my outfit during that day? Isn't it cute? Hubby choose it, everything the colour, the style and even he bought a shoes that goes with it. As I insisted to change colour for I have always wore black and white in every party I have attended for the past years and months. So this time we went for the silk flora, a product by Jane Norman. And my shoes is from Nine West, my favourite shoes shop. I loved it my shoes although it hurts a bit, and end up taking it off and walked with my barefeet all the way to the reception. It was really funny. All the guest said I was such a lucky girl because hubby walked all the way back to get my flipflaps. And it is rare to find a husband like him. Because most of the men who walked with us said they never did it to their wife and never would. Honestly I feel a bit flattered. [LAUGHS]

By the way, for anyone who would like to see the rest of our pictures? Visit my other blog at "A blacksheeps's Tale " .


Casey's Mom said...
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Casey's Mom said...

nice dress and the footwear...match jud uy.. love it!

jennyR said...

whatta pretty dress! and the one wearing too! btw, i got a li'l something at my blog!

in-in said...

The dress and the wearer are so pretty. Sos day head's up jud diha, ayaw jud palubig. Usahay ma feel insecure ko gamay sa pamilya sa akong bana kay educado and all pero keber. Total akong katipon ako mang bana di man sila. Juldita no? :o)