Sunday, 1 July 2007

Last Friday(my work update)

Last friday I managed to go to work. Thanks to my friend Abe, she managed to turn up around 20 passed 5 in the afternoon. After she arrived I went off to work. I did walked back and forth of course (sort of exercise) since I wasn't sure if bus would take me any faster than walking. Anyhow, my day went fine and meet all my co-workers of course. Most of them are English. I finish about 9pm. Got so many blisters in my feet after that long walked(more or less an hour of walked). Didn't get any symphathy at all for I didn't wore any socks, after all it is my fault. So tomorrow it's another working day. Rain is still on going, still cold and windy. I wonder when we gonna get a sunny days. I'm not gonna expect anymore. I guess our weather here is simply hopeless. Lols!

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