Monday, 2 July 2007

It's a Nightmare

Every little thing that babies do is sure gonna make the parents proud and impress. But is no surprised to me, if I know all babies does almost the same things. This is what my son do all day, messing things around, plays and throws his sister's DVD's, cd's and he eventually broke Kath's Television. Not to mention climbed all over things, boxes, racks, shelves, drawers and tables. Yeseterday I found him again with both of his legs inside our Loo. The most disgusting place that's he likes to hang out. Can you imagine life with a toddler? Its absolutely a nightmare. If not now maybe one day. And you'll see what I mean.

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1 comment:

Anna said...

Yeah ako ang nauna dinhi karon hehehehhehe. Hala ka cute ba sa imoha laki io.