Friday, 20 July 2007

I wanna go Beach

A trip to the seaside has been a favourite day out. That is why I been looking forward this summer. However until this time weather wise ain't great. I been very moody and temperamental these days due to the fact that I could not get enough of the sun. Who wouldn't get bored of this unsure weather? But I found some great idea where to go when weather gets better. The North is the place to find fun-filled resorts that have entertainment 24/7. In the big seaside towns, there are arcades packed with attractions, evening entertainment, promenades with ice cream and candy floss sellers, trams and traditional piers, all of which add up to a very English day at the seaside. Plenty to do if it's raining too. Its perfect timing as we planned a visit to hubby's grandmother in Devon in couple weeks time. But nothing beats cornwall.

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