Friday, 27 July 2007

I thank "YOU"

I was just having a little break away from my PC last night and the whole day today. I think its good for me and my eyes especially. Its weekend as well and need some quality time for family. But tonight I decided to open-up my PC and to see some possible opps aside from the left-over last time. But little did I know, unnoticing the expiration and I'll let 6 opps expired. I blown out 6 opps! What a waste of $60 bucks. Well I am bragger apparently, according to my anonymous readers who left some nice comments. But hey, I will make an entry about it later, OK! But first I have to take a pics of my new phone to brag about, hehehehe. I am bragger, what do you expect?


Casey's Mom said...

change your comment settings haze aron dli pwede maka comment nga anonymous. i-moderate ang comments aron imo pa ma approve.

Ladynred said...

Kinsa naman pod ng nanghilabot diha!
BTW Haze you still can do it if that's Payu2blog. Kung naa pa ang offer pwede pa.

Asa na imo Scrap Addict Sunday?

jennyr said...

ako sad haze na exprire 4opps sa sponsored reviews.ok lang ganyan talaga, we can't do everything. ningkamot nalang ta og naa gana himo,hehehehe!