Monday, 9 July 2007

I feel Great

Weekend is just like an hour break, don't you think? I am thinking how time flies! Officialy its already monday here in UK because the time is 18 passed midnight. Yes, I am still wide awake doing my usual stuff and won't go to bed until my eye balls are about to drop. Anyway, I am happy of what I have fulfilled in life. Now that I am working I feel somewhat special. Though its only a checkout/cashier. But for a start I think its great. In many ways I can help my husband a little bit especially sending this monthly amount back home to my family. Few weeks ago my husband asked what should I do of my money? I said I don't know. I have about $600 plus dollars seating on paypal account. Hubby and I agreed that maybe I could send it to my Mum and Dad for their spending spree. Would be nice. I am about to go to sleep now for I have to go to work tomorrow. I just let the world know how great I am feeling right now.

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