Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I Feel Bloated Lately

I have been eating endlessly these days, Im so naughty I know but who could resist these yummy foods around? Crop food especially is my greatest weakness. Been to filipino festival twice and took advantage and stuffed my fat face. Just today while trying on my old trousers on the way to work, it could not fit me anymore. I am thinking I should go for diet and start to watch what I eat. I now need this calorie counter to help me watch my diet everyday. It would be a great start for me to lose this excess skin I have put on for just days of eating. I am useless when it comes to food choosing, always I end up the most fattening one. I know I have to be very careful especially when there is kids involved. I have decided to sign up and join in myfitnesspal.com. Their calorie counter is free, fast and easy. Its the best by far, no doubt.

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