Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I consider having Plastic Surgery in the Future

Are you not happy of what you look? Its pretty hard at times when you dont want to be you. I am the same, there are times that I have feel insecured about, like my nose. It is much broader shape and I really hate it. I just want it to be more shapely smaller and not wider, perhaps longer where I could wear sunglasses without dropping it off, lols. I was investigating through the net about plastic surgery, and I came across to this great beverly hills plastic surgery and I was like "WOW". The most neat offices and are designed to afford the maximum comfort for every customers. What is the most advantage about them is their surgical facilities which built and run at the uppermost standards, just to ensure the highest level of safety. Not to mention their fully trained medical staff whom graduated from the finest universities. So I wouldn't need to worry about the safetiness they can offer.

Anyway, another part of my body that is in need of surgery is my chest as it is very small and flat. I know how sag it will become soon as I stop nursing my baby. I can't imagine. I am planning to have a boobs job not to get it bigger but just regain the sized that I originally have. And also to have it firmer that it used to. Hard to be a woman, isn't it? But I would not do it soon but maybe later when I feel like I need to, hehehe. There is an optimal age limit for breast augmentation surgery varies, anyway. It is generally done after the development of the mammary glands is completed, which is not before the age of eighteen. Regarding pregnancy, it is recommended that breast augmentation surgery only be preformed when the woman does not plan any pregnancies because pregnancy and breast-feeding result in changes of volume, producing a negative effect on the results of the breast augmentation surgery. There a beverly hills breast augmentation when I need one, it can be now or later it doesnt matter. the fact is I know where to go in the future. So are you.

Moreover, if you have been thinking about a rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, the beverly hills rhinoplasty can help. So I can do my nose job here for sure. But when its that gonna happen? Probably not until I'm brave enough to go through the pain. Rhinoplasty is the name of the operation performed on the nose to change its shape, or size, or both. In order to understand what can achieved by rhinoplasty, it is necessary to have an understanding of the basic anatomy of the nose. It is the best by far.

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